No Time To Cook Grocery Shop To Save Money!


Items to buy:

3 Rotisserie Chickens
2 pre cooked Hams
4 Large baking Potatoes

Look in the Freezer section for a few veggies and pick up a bag of rice!

These items can make last minute Dinners and Lunches easy for at least 7 days!

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What does your everyday cost you?


From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, until the time you turn in at night equals what you everyday cost you.

I get out of bed and I go to the bathroom- do you turn on the light?

Do you use water?

Do you hop on a treadmill ?

Do you make a cup of coffee ? What does the coffee cost, the electric , the filter, the water?

Do you put on clothing to go to an office? How much did it cost you to clean those clothes, maintain the wardrobe? Do you stay home and how much does it cost you to keep clothing for your everyday life?

What do you eat for meals all weekdays? What does your rent cost per day for an apartment, for a home? What does it cost to wash the dishses? If you office from home what does it cost to keep you in a computer that is up to date? A Smart phone that keeps you up to date?

Have you ever gone over all of your bills and figured how much you spend on average each day for health insurance? For renters insurance? If you take two weeks of vacation a year at a total cost of $3,000 total dollars for the vacation how much do you have to save each day of the year for that vacation ?

Have you ever looked at what your everyday cost you ? Do you have other people you are responsible for?

How  much does your everyday cost? What items on your list are increasing in price?



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Shopping with only cash!


I spend $100 per week for grocery and household supplies. I start in Jan and if I have cash leftover I roll it into the following week. Several times per year I add $100 for shopping for holiday gifts one of these weeks is right after Valentine this week I have an extra $100 to spend on gift items that are needed through out the year. I spent $56 of it this week at Under Armor Outlet I managed to get six gifts for this using coupons and discounts.

Sale weeks that I use are:

The day after Valentine Feb 15th thru 21 Feb.

The day after Easter up to one week after (watch for clearance on items you have on your gift list)

The day after the fourth of July (July 5th thru 10th of July) Deep discounts on summer items!

The day after Christmas Dec 26th thru Jan 8th of the following year.


I do keep an Eye out for great deals at Black Friday but not for regular Black Friday deals (I shop the stores that no one is at on Black Friday Look at Appliance stores, Fabric Stores , Hardware stores , etc. not clothing and electronics / although I will keep an eye out for great deals I keep in mind that many items are marked up just to be marked back down at Black Friday Sales)

The $100 per week for our groceries for five people use to be really hard for me however, now I find that I have money leftover all the time!

I shop only for real foods no snack items or junk food and I use natural cleaners like Vinegar, Baking soda, and Rubbing Alcohol.



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I have started going to the store one time only per week. I buy only real foods. Last week I bought Boneless Chicken Breast $1.78 lbs Blackberries $1.29 for 8 ounces and bananas .29 lb. I went home cooked the chicken breast made some banana bread and put the food in a cooler in my car. I work 3 jobs so I need to have my food with me as I am rarely home. It works! Eat what you buy and buy only real foods!!!!

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Snack Items And Junk Food


I purchase junk food items twice a year and that is all!

I do a very strategic shop and I use coupons galore I only spend $20.00 and I am able to get at least 40 or more snack items and drinks for that $20.00

Little Debbie makes great snack items for cheap

I shop at Save A Lot I used the $5.00 off grocery coupon to start and I also watch for other manufc. Coupons as well and sales make up a great deal of the savings.


This time I got :

Blueberry Muffins

Fig Bars

Oreo Cookies



Dried Fruits

Nutter Butter Cookies


Cheese It’s

Fruit cups

Granola Bars

Water x24 24 ounces

Cokes x24 17 ounces

and Ritz crackers


How do you shop for your quick snack items?


I will add to this homemade cookies and muffins as I find time!

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Lower Your Cost OF Breakfast!


I buy oatmeal in bulk, I also buy bacon and eggs in bulk, I bake my own bread purchased from that’s right bulk ingredients, I buy almost all items for our kitchen in bulk this lowers the cost.

This makes breakfast about .40 per person vs regular shopping at : $1.90 per person multiply

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Basic Grocery Shop For Under $100


4 whole chickens 2 heads of iceberg lettuce 2-3 reams of broccoli 2 squash or zuchiini 1 bag of whole carrots 2 whole watermelons 2 bags of apples 2 bunches of bananas 2 gallons of milk 3 loaves of bread 4 cartons of eggs 2 5 lb bag  of potatoes 4 bags of

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Used CD Case Projects.


Use them to make a small green house, a mosaic art for your wall . Look!

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