Basic Grocery Shop For Under $100



4 whole chickens
2 heads of iceberg lettuce
2-3 reams of broccoli
2 squash or zuchiini
1 bag of whole carrots
2 whole watermelons
2 bags of apples
2 bunches of bananas
2 gallons of milk
3 loaves of bread
4 cartons of eggs
2 5 lb bag  of potatoes
4 bags of popcorn kernels
1 bag of brown rice

4 bags of  beans or  8 cans of beans (I buy the bags they are cheaper

Add to this soap and Toilet Paper and you really have what you need to get buy for two weeks. I can make this last for one month.

I add to this everything I am given for free! Also items I can purchase with the leftover from the $100 (my check out the other day came out to $88.72)  This leaves me $11.28 to use for anything else we need for the month. Today I bought cough drops at Dollar Tree free with coupons, Deodorant free with coupons, and I also got free tampons and some pop tarts and Zantac , I paid .06 a bag for chocolate chips and .30 a box for some cereal. So watch for the deep discount sales as well. I still have $10.56 left for the month of Jan and I have today and tomorrow to make it through and I bough these items on the basic list at the start of the month.

I accepted one free cake and one free pie from a friend. Some welcome homemade ravioli from a family member. Some tomatoes from a coworker. And some candies from an event I went to.

In this way I have other items in our home. So watch for adding to the basics as you are able to.

I ran out of salad dressing but my son had too many bottles so I did a swap with him for an item in my home that he needed for 3 bottles of dressing.

So keep in mind bartering as well.

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