Budgeting UPSIDE DOWN!


Have you ever asked yourself the question how much money did I make today?

If you have a paying job you may think you know this answer right away.

However the difference between what we earn and what we spend just getting through the day often is a major AHA MOMENT FOR MOST!

House payment = Broken down per day usage for most of america they started the day off with a roof over their head so that average is about $66.00 per night to cover that cost

Electric – $1.00 per day

Water – $1.00 per day

Transportation – For most folks this is about $4.00 plus gas per day (gas varies all over the place for folks)

Food – for most folks they spend at least $20.00 per day on everything that they eat

Now let’s talk about all the other variables – Clothing , clean clothing, upkeep on the home, upkeep for work (continuing ed, gifts for the office) Upkeep for personal life (gifts , memberships etc..) All of the etc. Average for most folks at least $7.00 per day Don’t forget this would be cell phone use, cable /internet use / insurance health /rent / There are a lot of etc in life!!!


So how much money did you get ahead today?  How much to put aside for vacation, Fun money, Retirement , kids college ????????

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