Cheap Eats


Many Readers have complained recently that they can not find any deals on food lately.

Cheap Eats:

Oatmeal : A very large tub of oatmeal is available for under $3.00 and can be made into baked oatmeal bars for folks on the run in the morning.

Soups: Soups on for the winter months soup and beans and cornbread were large staples for meals for those trying to make ends meet in the past these items still work wonders today! Homemade soups are cheap and hearty.

Pork Ribs are on special  as well as whole chickens have been as low as .99 a pound whole turkey has been as low as .69 a pound at some stores. Find a few large entree items and see what recipes you can make to add flavors to make several meals out of these items.

Snack items: Lemonade, Iced Teas , Popcorn, crackers purchased with coupons , crackers purchased with coupons (right now Nabisco has a  coupon out right now for $2.00 off of $2.00 Nabisco the snack size of these cookies and crackers are on sale at many stores for $1.00 each making the snack sized free right now until the end of Jan.) “On The Boarder” Tortilla chips are $2.98 right now at my Walmart for a very large bag no need for a coupon!  Oranges, Apples, Grapes and marked down bananas are all very cheap snacks. Watch for sale items of 10 for $10.00  try to pick up a few extras for your families on these sales. A cake mix can be made into muffins add any flavors you like to the mix. (No need for frosting) Red Velvet is a favorite at our home along with Fudge and just plain white or yellow works well with flavors added try adding pumpkin to a yellow cake mix , place in muffin pan and bake see if they do not disappear.

I hope this list helps some make it through some of the winter months.

Remember to eat all the Free food you can as well.

Yesterday we got together with friends for the football. After the party I stayed and helped clean up. We had 3 leftover pizzas my friend was going to throw them out. I brought them home and today for lunch I remade them into pizza bites and served with Spaghetti.

Her is how I did it. Spray pizza with butter spray cooking spray cut into bite sized pieces . Reheat some sauce serve with spaghetti garlic toast and Parmesan cheese and  red pepper. Everyone loved the lunch. (My family did not have this the day before as we had a meal before the games at my home before going to the football gathering.

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