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Stat Saving Money This Holiday! Buy Christmas Off Craigslist! One Reader  Writes In:

I am a stay-at-home mother of four (my oldest is 8). I stay pretty busy and don’t often have time to go store to store to shop for anything!

I am very frugal — always trying to find the best deals. I recently discovered and have been thrilled with what I have found! Most of my Christmas purchases were made from items I found listed there. Here are two examples. I wanted to get my daughter some Duplo Legos. We have some, but the kids were always running out, so I wanted to add to the collection. In the stores, they run about $15 for 33 pieces! That is outrageous! I searched on CraigsList and ended up getting two HUGE garbage bags FULL of Duplos for just $25! The nice lady also threw in a pillowcase full of Lincoln Logs as well. What a steal!
My son wanted Heelys for Christmas— which cost anywhere from $40 to $80. I wasn’t willing to spend this much. I found them on CraigsList brand new for $15!
We have also purchased a barely used, large table and chairs for a fraction of the store price, an electric pasta machine, a robot, etc. So many people make frivolous purchases and end up not using (or barely using) the items they’ve bought. They end up selling them for much less!
Now, when I need something, I search CraigsList to see if anything similar is available. Because I wait and search, it eliminates impulsive purchases. We have also introduced our 8 year-old son to Craigslist! He loves looking on it to see how much money he can save by buying things used! It has been a great teaching tool as well!

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