Cutting Cost At The Holidays


christmas_treeThis year we moved half way across the country. I had just downsized into a tiny home and then health issues, I mean major health issues hit, so we moved in with my son and daughter in law. I had just given away a ton of my holiday decor and now I have grandchildren to decorate for. My son and daughter in law are just starting out so they had nothing but a tiny really tiny like 12 inch tree. So we scan craigslist and picked up a few items, went  hunting pine cones and sprayed them gold. Stopped at Goodwill after we checked out ideas on pinterest  in addition we stopped at Target with tons of coupons and used the holiday sale (Lots of Ribbon!) (We also used fresh trimmings from the yard) We now have the house decorated!

Food we have been cherry picking the stores for months we stock up on things when they are at rock bottom prices and with so many mouths to feed it has been a blessing today I bought ground beef 93% at $3.99 lb we also have 5 turkeys in the freezers we got 4 of them free with purchases and one 24lb bird that we paid $5.00 for so we will use those as the year 2015 goes on.

I am looking for an exceptional price on Potatoes today I got Ore Ida frozen fries for $1.97 per bag at Harris Teeter that is a great deal so we did as many as we could using all of our VIC cards.

We have stopped eating snacks for the most part. We only eat saltines and jam or fresh fruit right now we are working off of Apples from the Orchard we went to for Halloween we bought two bushels of apples that day for $20.00 we only have about 10 left but after they are gone I will start with the canned pineapple we got free and find a deal on Oranges soon.

I bought eggs last week for .97 a dozen We bought 26 dozen at this price so they will last us awhile.

We eat Eggs or Oatmeal for breakfast, Lunches are leftovers and Dinner I try to find Veggies at low cost in season we eat lots of soups and we watch the lowest stock up prices on meats for dinners.

We drink water and the kids do milk which I try to watch for the very best sales on the Milk.



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