Graduate Debt ! Christmas Shop In July!


Start now Christmas shopping in July and August, doing preps for Christmas will allow you not to have that January huge credit card bill.

Shop clearance, look for sales on toys, Target often has toy coupons. Make list for craft projects to work on during the heat wave in the air conditioning.

Google zero Christmas budget and Homemade or hand made Christmas there are so many ideas on the web of items to make or create or upcycle something into a great Christmas gift.

Purchase crayons now for Operation Christmas child (the back to school sales have these very cheap now)

Try entering contest on blogs (win free gifts)

Learn Swag bucks

Discover quickly how to graduate from debt

Try eating A Potato for dinner three nights per week load them up with whatever leftover flavors you have to make them more interesting and tasty, you could add to this flavored rice two nights and meat only two nights per week with the added grocery money buy Christmas gifts.

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