Digging Out Of Debt And Staying Out Of Debt And The Holidays


Digging out of debt is hard, It can be extremely difficult at the holidays. Look around you and be thankful for what you have! When you are Thankful for what you have you might be amazed at what all you have!

When you have had everything taken from you in life , you become greatly appreciative of what you have.

Wrap gifts with whatever you have, make gifts of items you have. I used some picture frames I had this year to make new gifts to some folks take a photo that is meaningful to them and have it printed and placed in the frame.

Wrap with a special food item and I also gifted ornaments straight from my tree. I only spent about $3.00 this year . The gifts will be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

I even discovered I have items to gift to those less fortunate.


Once you have been homeless and only had oatmeal to eat. No one to talk to , no one to call and no one that would even know if you passed away.

You start to realize that everything in life every breath is a gift!

Share what you have with others , someone else always has it harder than you!


Merry Christmas!

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