Extra Spending When Life Gets Busy!



Do you need travel sized items for you travel bag (try getting them with coupons from the stores) Do you have to stock up on extra food for those who are visiting ? Try making some things from scratch and preparing some items ahead of time. Do you need to entertain folks that are visiting (look for coupons and deals and try using the free things to do in your area as well Parks!)


Make the most of enjoying your family time but make do with what you have as well don’t borrow a ton of cash just so you can visit during the holidays.


Our family  has begun a tradition of each side travels half way and we meet in a park for weekends (this cuts out the cost of food as we each bring our own/ we live south so the weather stays nice to accommodate a picnic even late in the fall.) We pick parks with added benefit one close to us half way has turtles the other has otters and one has manatee and one has a free massive fort!  All over the country there are pumpkin patches and even Christmas tree farms, farmers markets etc.. So look for the cheap and free fun! Shop for holiday gifts off craigslist do not go into debt for the holidays!

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