Family Budgets


Answering Reader Penny Regarding Budgets:

All Families vary in size , needs and income. All families have many things in common as well need for food and a roof over the families head. Many readers write to me and ask about Budgets.

So here are some line items for a budget go over your monthly bills for at least 3 to 6 months and see if I miss anything for your family.

Auto / Gas/Transportation cost / Tolls /Tags etc…

His / Her’s

Auto Insurance


Business expenses / Job expenses

His/ Her’s

Cable TV

Cell Phones His/Her’s

Chidren’s Cost (Education , school trips and other travel, childcare (children have numerous hidden expenses look at this line and think long and hard))

Cleaning (Dry Cleaning, Household, Cars)

Clothes (His/ Her’s Children)

Dental (His/Her’s/ Children/ Even if they are small one day this will have a cost )

Entertainment for the entire family



Computer’s and Software (for the entire family)

Household furnishings

Household maintenance

House payment/ Rent


Taxes (Property, State , Federal)

Life  Insurance

Medical Insurance

Renter’s insurance

Medical Not covered Co-pays

Any Storage fees?

Any printing and copying and or legal fees?

Do you have any other extended family costs ? (Taking care of aging parent’s)

Children’s allowance Discretionary Spending (Pocket Money for the Adult’s)

Savings for Retirement? College?

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