Food Inflation and 9 Ways To Know If You Are Middle Class?



What is your family doing about food inflation?

Are you shopping differently than you did a year ago? Are the dinner plates sitting empty and people going to bed hungry?

Is middle class based on how much you earn? If so how much would middle class be?

Is middle class those who earn enough to put food on the table without giving it a second thought? With Food Inflation is that changing?

Do you shop at stores like Target and Walmart or do you go to Thrift Stores, Goodwill and Food Pantries?

Do you talk to your children about going to college or are you keenly aware that there will never be money for college and you can’t begin to talk to your children about higher education, because you know you can not help?

Do you work two jobs and not have enough to pay the bills? Do you have money to go on vacation?

Do you take camping trips and take food along? Do you have to accept gifts of food from friends often to help make ends meet?

Do you have a roof over your head? Do you own a home, or are you sleeping in friends homes, bouncing around or just barely making it paying for a room on a weekly basis?

Do you have health and dental insurance?

Do you think about retirement ? Do you save for retirement?

Are you always working and going hungry?

How do you know if you are middle class? Can you afford Food with the current Inflation? What if the price of food keeps going UP ?


What steps is your family taking to protect themselves?


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