Frugal Accomplishments


This past week we had a few visits with family. We went out to eat on Sunday after church I ordered a meal but brought home half. I used the other half for lunch on Monday. Our daughter in law gave me 2 meals when I went to visit on Thursday (they had take out the night before and did not want the leftovers) so we had 3 meals out of the leftover Chinese that they had delivered. I also accepted 2 special Starbucks coffees and a large stack of paper napkins from her as well. I purchased 40 lbs of chicken at $1.40 lb and I picked up 22 packages of frozen veggies.

I had three sales this week off of ebay and I listed at least 20 more items. I was going back over our belongings and decluttering and listing all the items that I can.

Many of these items are items I hate to get rid of but frankly I am becoming a big believer in clearing anything that is not being used.

I am prepping for the holidays and find that I am reusing a number of ribbons and cards from years ago.

I am going back over the budget and trying to find anything and everything that we can cut.

I am also continuing to gift to charity 30 items every month as I can. It takes a lot of time to clear the clutter. I guess this is the main reason folks hold onto it for many years.

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