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Each week when I finish my food shopping. I divide things up into portion sized packages. I also take the time to make 3 loaves of bread  one for breakfast , one for lunches and one for dinner meals. I also make a treat cookies rice krispy treats brownies etc.  I make a double batch on the treat so that I have enough for lunches and desserts. I also hard boil some eggs. This way I am prepped for the week.


Breakfast breads are : Pumpkin, Banana Bread , Raisin

I make cookies, rice krispy , brownies, granola , any type of bar , sometimes I make pies

I make certain to make small packages of carrots or other sliced veggies and I divide up the meats into small portions

The breads for lunches can be rolls or french bread – for lunch I am looking at what makes a great sandwich

The dinner can be rolls or french bread  – for dinner I look at what goes with the planned menu am I serving a soup this week I might want a french bread , is it a  roast I might want to serve rolls with a turkey roast or ham.

Don’t forget to use the leftovers wisely if you have a roast for dinner one night you can make French Dips the next night using the French bread for the week.

slice up small and make a soup.

I almost always buy one or two large quantities on the meat and make it work for at least 4 or 5 meals if not more!


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