Getting Organized For Thanksgiving


download (5)If  you have not started to Thaw your bird think Fresh for a Turkey.

Do a trial run this evening if you are going to travel see what pots or pans you need to transport your meal (be very careful with transport of glass)

If you are hosting try pre-making some items, pre-set the table and tidy up the home.

Keep things simple and your celebration should get off without a hitch.

 Prepare Reheatable Side Dishes, Prep Ingredients, Bake Pies Come up with a cooking schedule for the day of Thanksgiving.
Start to make sides that will reheat well, like casseroles or creamed onions. Prep garnishes, toppings, salad greens and stuffing ingredients. Cook soups and let cool before storing in the refrigerator if you didn’t freeze any options in advance. If your stuffing recipe calls for stale bread, cut the bread now and set the cubes on a baking sheet to dry out. You can go ahead and make your pies, especially  Pecan Pie that needs to cool overnight for a natural do-ahead dessert.

Prep the family with clothing for the holidays.

Does the car have enough gasoline?

Prepare to use leftovers as well.


Here is a schedule For Turkey day if you are hosting:

Stuff turkey and put in oven at appropriate time (or if you have a roaster oven you can bake the turkey in there leaving your oven for heating up side dishes and baking dinner rolls)


Put the giblets in water with a little salt and let those simmer. You can use the broth for gravy and the cooked and chopped giblets can also be added to the gravy


Pull out dinner rolls and let them defrost and rise


Set the table if you did not do this yesterday


Put the mashed potatoes in the crockpot


If you have a second crockpot you can put the stuffing in there to warm (if you are not stuffing your turkey.  I always stuff the turkey and have leftover stuffing in a second crockpot)


When the turkey has finished cooking, pull it out


Put the side dishes in the oven to bake (if you did not bake the turkey in a roaster oven)


Bake dinner rolls


While the side dishes are heating up and rolls are baking, make gravy


Take a deep breath


Light candles








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