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In this crazy world we live in Unemployment, underemployment, taking care of children, struggling to take care of aging parents, banks failing , companies going under. We here at Glossy Money just want every one to know , we understand what your going through and we have many articles on the site to help. Even if it is just ideas about shipping a child off to the first year of college, or helping one set up a first apartment as they find that first real job. We offer all kinds of ideas of how to help each other out.

We welcome all comments from any readers, we do ask that you keep a positive attitude as that is what we are here for to uplift each other in these tough times.

Life is tough, but it is also meant to be celebrated and if your family is struggling it can be quite difficult to celebrate.

If you are struggling feel free to write us. We try to help.

Let’s all work together so that no one has to do without.

Give what we can of our time , effort and even belongings.

Go through your home find items that are not being used anything that has been stuck in the rears of a closet for over a year would be better served in someones hands that can make use of the item.

God Bless us all and let us all be a blessing to those we come in contact with.

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