How Did The Holidays Get So BIG Christmas is so very LARGE NOW!


bp103341_1107_giftwrap_xlIt all started with a few simple gifts. Families had a live tree maybe and a few simple gifts. Now if you don’t provide the moon it seems the children are very upset.

I am personally going back to extremely simple.

This year.

My grandson is 3 he is getting a puzzle and a really big box . (The really big box was his entire christmas wish list/ which I just love) I love this so much in fact he may get one gift every year packed in a really big box!

Everyone else is getting a token gift and a small gift card. The token gift cost $20 or under in many cases just $2.00 and is something that they really wanted. The gift cards are almost all to Amazon , Target , or Walmart (Walmart and Target will allow you to put as little as you wish on a gift card) ( I have a lot of $5.00 gift cards)

That’s it I put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving and hung the stockings (That is it for decor) Last week I did add bows to the front door that I made by hand.


I am more of what Christmas is supposed to be about  instead of giving gifts.

So this year I am done before I ever get started!


In addition I have one on the very naughty list this year so we will see there might be a lump of coal given out as well.

The gift might go to someone in true need!


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