We have recently had a cross country move. The cost was outrageous , I found many ways to work some frugal into the move. As I was packing I used everything in site to pack with , I wrapped breakables in clothing (skipping the need to buy extra bubble wrap) A large winter robe works well to protect a loved vase. The winter comforter worked well to protect as well.

I bought second hand boxes off of craigslist and spent way less on packing materials than if I had gone to Uhaul.

I planned ahead and packed a few meals for the road trip and the last few days before we left cutting eating out cost.

I packed many of the pantry items in the car and brought them with us (skipping the need to buy again at our new place)

Now that it is time to restock/ I find grocery prices are higher in our new location.

So I am gathering coupons/ planning bulk purchases and learning to stretch a dollar even more in the kitchen.

#1. I am buying more lettuce for big salads during lunches (skipping sandwiches)

#2. Planning at least 3 or 4 meals a week with no meat and one meal with very little meat

#3. Shopping sales and buying in bulk

#4. Drinking water more often.

The grocery bill is only $10.00 more per week here by doing all of these things however, If I just went shopping groceries would be outrageous (My heart goes out to parents with growing children these days)

Everyone should try to grow some food even if it is just a small kitchen garden of herbs/ maybe one small item on a balcony. (Every little bit helps!)

Try Goodwill and Craigslist for other items that your family needs from week to week.

Use your time and money wisely!

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