Merry Christmas ! Happy Holidays! SAVE YOUR FAMILY OVER $300 ON Toilet Paper!


This time of year while everyone else is running around buying gifts, I am stocking up on needed items for our home.

Here is one suggestion for last minute gift item for anyone but about 10 extra gift cards at Walmart you can put any amount you wish on a gift card. As low even as $5.00 pair with a food item and you have a last minute gift for someone that you forgot. (If you don’t use them you can put them to work for your family later)

I only buy almost everything for our home one time per year.

Excluding the obvious produce, dairy, and some bread.

Almost everything else is bought at the rock bottom price and made to last one year.

Last Feb 12th I bought one large package of paper towels (The type that have an 8 pack in the roll) The last roll went on the paper towel holder yesterday. I will have to be careful to make this roll and the folded paper napkins in a basket that I have left over from parties etc last until mid Feb when I will buy paper towels again.

Last week I stocked up on Pasta the sale was Buy one get one free and I had coupons making them .39 .5 per box I now have enough pasta for the next year.

Rock bottom prices make a large difference. I went over rock bottom prices with a CPA/ Financial Planner and we did a list of 12 items for the home.

Did you know that if you get rock bottom price on Toilet Paper just for one year you can save your family over $300 dollars!  Let me state that again SAVE YOUR FAMILY OVER $300 just on Toilet Paper!!!!

So Rock Bottom Pricing at least for My family is the way to go.

If we can not find Rock Bottom Prices we make do with what we have in the home Barter or do without until Rock Bottom Prices show up again!

10% off at Target this past weekend was a great chance to stock up on a few items as well.

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