No Magical Fix , No Government Program, Just Frugal Accomplishments


There is No magical Fix , No Government Program, No Church that will Bridge the gap until our nation gets back to Normal.

   It starts with cutting back and everyone in our nation lending a helping hand to one another .

America come on we can fix this problem ourselves!

Start small hold a door for someone , give someone a place in line , list an item for free on craigslist that is not junk but a great item that you would like to keep! Let’s keep the spirit of Christmas going all year!

If you bought something at a store and it did not work out for your family pass it along to someone that can use it!

Start a large Swap box with a group from work where you place six items in the box and everyone passes it around takes out what they want and the box keeps going around until it gets back to the original person.

If you place great items in the box others will take what they need and replace with what they have!


Create a group online for swaps!

Let’s start making life a bit easier for the guy next door!

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