One Week At A TIME!


In this economy I have met many folks who are taking it just one week at a time. Christmas is not far off yet many can not even start to consider buying gifts.

Used items are a great way to cut cost at the holidays look on craigslist for some amazing deals

Spend the next  few weeks living as frugal as you can and save up some extra cash for the upcoming holidays.

Last week I accepted a stack of paper napkins free (this help make my roll of paper towels last longer)

I also accepted a free apple.

I worked on a hand made Christmas gift for a family member.

I sold a few items on ebay to start getting a Christmas Fund together.

I am watching for cheap ways to decorate picking up items off Craigslist

I am collecting coupons and watching for sales to help off set some of the holiday cost of gifts and food

I am cutting back on what I am purchasing this year.


How are you taking one week at a time in this economy?

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