Snack Items And Junk Food


I purchase junk food items twice a year and that is all!

I do a very strategic shop and I use coupons galore I only spend $20.00 and I am able to get at least 40 or more snack items and drinks for that $20.00

Little Debbie makes great snack items for cheap

I shop at Save A Lot I used the $5.00 off grocery coupon to start and I also watch for other manufc. Coupons as well and sales make up a great deal of the savings.


This time I got :

Blueberry Muffins

Fig Bars

Oreo Cookies



Dried Fruits

Nutter Butter Cookies


Cheese It’s

Fruit cups

Granola Bars

Water x24 24 ounces

Cokes x24 17 ounces

and Ritz crackers


How do you shop for your quick snack items?


I will add to this homemade cookies and muffins as I find time!

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