The Holidays Are Some Tough Times To Stay On Budget


Turkeys are cheap I generally try to get 6 birds at rock bottom prices.

I use these through out the year instead of buying lunch meat.

We eat real food and this time of year that means

Sweet Potato

Red Potato






2 weeks ago our store had 93% ground beef on sale for 3.49 per pound we bought enough for 26 weeks worth of ground beef.

We always buy rock bottom price and we always buy in very large quantities.

This allows for variety and for the most dollar for our food budget.

Food is not expensive if you eat real food. Eat in season, watch for the sales and budget accordingly

Harris Teeter has great prices this week on beans and dawn dish soap

Ortega Refried Beans – Sale – $1.00
Coupon – $1.00 off when you purchase two – Click here to print!
Total – $.50 each when you purchase two

Dawn Dish Liquid (9 oz.) – Sale – $1.00
Coupon – $.25 off X 2 (doubled) = $.50 off – Click here to print!
Total – $.50

The Bush Beans are also only .68 per can after you coupon from your Sunday paper.

Ace Hardware has 50% off any one item under 30 dollars on Black Friday.

Watch for sales on what you need (What you truly need) Not just what is on sale.

Note ON SALE simply means available for purchase.


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