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Keep Your Hard Earned Money And Vacation From Home

Perhaps the hardest thing about leaving to town to take a well deserved vacation is the accelerated rate at which greenbacks take a one way trip of their own, from the inside of your wallet out into the world.  Vacations, while relaxing during their actual duration, can lead to even bigger headaches upon your return home than the ones you sought to escape at the onset of your travels.  Then again, without a break from the day to day monotony that defines the common work experience, how is anyone expected to maintain his or her sanity?

Recently our family too a long much deserved vacation one that was budgeted for and we thought would be of great delight to all. We hit a few major bumps along the way. Several of us got sick, the hotel had internet but it was down several of the days we were gone which caused headaches for hubby due to work. The challenges of rental cars and airlines, plus one lost set of keys all made for a few interesting days away.

Upon return home we felt almost like we needed a vacation from our vacation. A few weeks passed and some friends of ours offered their home to us while they were going to be away. We took them up on the offer and took a vacation from our home town. We did a number of things we had never done before right at home. It was the best vacation we all have ever been on! No cleaning fees, baggage fees, if someone forgot something they could simply stop by our home and pick it up!

Balancing the need to regulate spending and find satisfactory accommodations can prove to be a challenge.  Consider the amount spent just getting to your vacation destination.  Flights cost an arm and a leg and with gas prices settling in north of $3.00 plus for a gallon, you might as well be fueling your own jet airliner.  Fortunately, there may be a plausible compromise in the form of a popular recession trend, growing in number among all travelers from spring breakers to family vacationers.  Instead of full blown “va-cation,” try a “stay-cation.”

Simply book a room at a nice hotel in town or trade homes with a friend and stay the week as if you were hundreds of miles away from home.  With no need to worry about airlines, travel agents, car rental or taxi, much less the general hassle of long distance travel (i.e. security, jetlag, etc), a staycation provides a worry-free break from reality for less than half the cost.  And with all the money you will be saving by axing the trip there and back, you can actually afford to live a little during your time not-so-far-away from.

Our next vacation we are doing another stay-cation. We are going to start working our way out from our home in 50 mile circles until we feel we have viewed and participated in all the area has to offer. Is there a special park in your area maybe with a cement slide ? Is there a great hiking trail or a water fall ? Do you live near a lake where you could take a wonderful afternoon boat ride? How about a place to dine out that you have never been to before? A picnic at a location you never found the time for?

We had a better time on our stay-cation than we did on the massive expensive vacation that had been so well planned for.

So next time you planning take into account what there is to do right in your own backyard.

With all the fees and taxes the travel industry slap on everything these days, prices quoted are often way less that your final bill for complete bill (what hubby tends to call tax, title, license , etc…) The added fees are enough to break any persons well thought out budget.

Our additional cleaning fee at our hotel was $50 per day. I could pay a maid service to come in and clean my friends home after we used it for the $50 one time fee and in addition our friends wanted to pay us for house sitting! ( I did not accept the house sit money/ but she paid the cleaning service) Whatever swap or situation you work out between two families my guess is that it will end up saving a ton of cash and headaches for both families.

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