What does your everyday cost you?


From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, until the time you turn in at night equals what you everyday cost you.

I get out of bed and I go to the bathroom- do you turn on the light?

Do you use water?

Do you hop on a treadmill ?

Do you make a cup of coffee ? What does the coffee cost, the electric , the filter, the water?

Do you put on clothing to go to an office? How much did it cost you to clean those clothes, maintain the wardrobe? Do you stay home and how much does it cost you to keep clothing for your everyday life?

What do you eat for meals all weekdays? What does your rent cost per day for an apartment, for a home? What does it cost to wash the dishses? If you office from home what does it cost to keep you in a computer that is up to date? A Smart phone that keeps you up to date?

Have you ever gone over all of your bills and figured how much you spend on average each day for health insurance? For renters insurance? If you take two weeks of vacation a year at a total cost of $3,000 total dollars for the vacation how much do you have to save each day of the year for that vacation ?

Have you ever looked at what your everyday cost you ? Do you have other people you are responsible for?

How  much does your everyday cost? What items on your list are increasing in price?



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