What To Serve For Snacks


A frequently asked question asked once again today by Diana. What do you and your family snack on?


This is an excellent question.

My Answer: Currently in our home we have a number of choices for the kids and hubby to snack on.

I have a bushel of apples , I make my own applesauce and apple chips.

I have 20 boxes opps make that 15 boxes of Wheat Thins bought on Kroger Sale buy $10 get $4.00 off used coupons end up paying less than $1.00 per box.

Sunflower seeds bought at Kroger 10 for $10 sale


Stuff to make Rice Krispy Treats

Apples to eat and dip in homemade dip

Nuts bought on clearance at Walmart

Pecans from a friends tree

Carrot sticks , Hard boiled eggs

Granola bars purchased almost free with coupons

Popcorn (the type you make on the stove top / lots of toppings)

Rice Cakes bought at Kroger on 10 for $10 sale

Cereals that can be made into snacks rice chexs (make great party mix)

Also other cereal  and one bag of Pretzels

So this is what is in my stock pile for snacks and of all the things listed above we paid about $20.00 total out of our grocery budget by buying on sale and with coupons.

I can also make Oatmeal cookies and Peanut butter cookies with items I have on hand and I often make large cookies for lunches.

Snacks are not a item we eat a lot of  however, I do pack snack items for lunch.

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