Best Uei Multimeters

If you’re searching for Best Uei Multimeters in the market today, then you’re in right place. We did good research and listed top 10 Uei Multimeters below. In case, if you’re in hurry this is the Best Uei Multimeters on Amazon

We spent 47 hours to find a best option for you and it’s a Fluke 116323 KIT HVAC, which comes with all amazing features you ever want. It is the Best Uei Multimeters available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Uei Multimeters, then you should go with AstroAI Multimeter Test Leads which comes with all the basic options you could ever expect in Uei Multimeters.

After a good research, we have sort listed Best Uei Multimeters below.

Top 10 Best Uei Multimeters In 2021

1 1

Fluke 116323 KIT HVAC

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2 2

AstroAI Multimeter Test Leads

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3 3

Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style

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4 4

UEi Test Instruments DL389

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5 5

Micsoa Multimeter Test Leads

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6 6

UEi Test Instruments DL379B

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7 7

UEi Test Instruments DL369

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8 8

UEI Test Instruments DL479

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9 9

UEi Test Instruments DL489

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10 10

UEi Test Instruments ATTPC3

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Top 10 Uei Multimeters

Are you looking for top 10 Uei Multimeters available right now in the market? Then check out below, we researched and short listed best one here.

1. Fluke 116323 KIT HVAC

For the complete solution to HVAC troubleshooting the extra value packed HVAC Technician’s Combo Kit, provides the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems more efficiently by providing all the needed accessories an HVAC professional would need in a compact carry case.


  • Fluke 116 digital multimeter features microamps to test flame sensors
  • Fluke 116 digital multimeter low input impedance helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage
  • Fluke 323 true rms clamp meter measures 400 A AC current and 600 VAC and DC voltage
  • Fluke 323 true rms clamp meter features true RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on nonlinear signals
  • 2. AstroAI Multimeter Test Leads


  • VERSATILE KIT: All 8 pieces with three different connectors help to test various on different occasions, including 2 alligator clips with removable insulation, 2 extended range plunger mini-hooks with pass-through banana plugs, 2 heavy duty test probes, 2 42” lead extensions.
  • COMPATIBLE: Universally compatible with either 0.16” banana plugs or shrouded banana plugs on all ends.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: Removeable PVC insulation on the alligator clips protect it against dust and oxidation.Thin and sharp testing probes for easier use with very tight spaces. Longer probe tips for greater ease of use.
  • QUALITY GURANTEE: All test leads complies with IEC/EN: 61010 standards. 1 Year Warranty provided by AstroAI
  • 3. Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style

    The LT17A is the classic style meter the boss calls the biggest Bang for the Buck.


  • Works with Accessory heads. Microamps for flame diode test. Frequency for motor setup.
  • Silicone Leads with Detachable Probe Tips.
  • Tilt Stand and Magnetic Hanger.
  • MAX/MIN Hold. Volts AC. Volts DC. Resistance (ohms). Diode Test. Rugged ABS case with rubber boot. Auto Power off.
  • 4. UEi Test Instruments DL389

    Product Description: The PRO+ offers contractors better features, functions and safety making it the most complete Clamp-On Meter available with True RMS precision.


  • Worklight, magnet for hands-free operation, detachable head, input jack lock for safety. Easy view display
  • 750Vac/1000Vdc, 4000F capacitance, 2000 a AC/dc
  • True RMS Meter with Type K Temperature Probe, Test Leads, Pouch
  • Worklight, magnet for hands-free operation, detachable head, input jack lock for safety. Easy View Display
  • 750VAC/1000VDC, 4000μF Capacitance, 2000 μA AC/DC
  • Non-Contact Voltage, 400A AC,-22-752-Degree F, Min/Max
  • 40MΩ Resistance/Continuity, Frequency/Duty Cycle, Diode Test
  • 5. Micsoa Multimeter Test Leads


  • Soft and Comfortable Hand Grips – Heat- and cold-resistant test probes are silicone insulated and provides comfort grip
  • Compatible – Multimeter leads are designed for use with any multimeter, clamp meter or test instrument. Removable tips, banana plugs, alligator clips and spade terminal can help expand testing capability and flexibility
  • Test Versatility – Micsoa 16-piece test probe set extend the testing capabilities and versatility. Set includes Eight replaceable probe tips and other accessory for different electrical work and multi-use
  • What You Get – Micsoa electronic test leads kit includes 2x test leads, 8xreplaceable tips(4x Ultra thin copper tips+2x standard tips+2xShrouded probe tips)), 2 x Large Alligator Clips, 2x Banana Plugs, 2x Spade Lugs.
  • 6. UEi Test Instruments DL379B

    The DL379B HVAC/R clamp meter with a CATIV 300V rating, dual level NCV, dual display and a 3-year limited warranty is a very user friendly clamp meter.


  • Hi/Lo noncontact voltage 24600V AC
  • 4000Μf capacitance/2000 AC/DC/resistance 40M
  • Diode check, min/max, continuity
  • 7. UEi Test Instruments DL369

    The PHOENIX Clamp-On Meter series starts with the DL369, the perfect meter for contractors who need basic features without all the extras.


  • Test lead storage
  • 750VAC/1000VDC, 4000μF Capacitance, 2000 μA AC/DC
  • Non-Contact Voltage, 400A AC, Min/Max
  • 40MΩ Resistance/Continuity, Frequency/Duty Cycle, Diode Test
  • 8. UEI Test Instruments DL479

    AC 600A True RMS HVAC/R Clamp Meter.


  • 600A AC; Clamp Meter
  • 750V AC/600V DC; Resistance 60MΩ
  • 9. UEi Test Instruments DL489

    The DL489 True RMS Clamp-On Meter offers contractors better features, functions and safety in a commemorative edition housing.


  • Resistance 60; Capacitance 2000uF, AC/DC microamps 2000uA, Frequency 99.99kHz
  • Dual temperature -382 to 2462 f, duty cycle, diode test, ncv, audible continuity, lra inrush
  • Detachable clamp head, magnetic mount, backlight, test lead storage
  • Peak hold, data hold, min/max, manual ranging, work light, low battery indicator, battery compartment latches, input jack locks, includes test leads with alligator clips, zippered pouch, batteries
  • 10. UEi Test Instruments ATTPC3

    The ATTPC3 pipe clamp adapter is a K-Type thermocouple accessory designed to easily grip pipes for quick temperature measurements.


  • Item Package Length: 6.299999993574″
  • Item Package Width: 4.249999995665″
  • Item Package Height: 1.49999999847″
  • Conclusion

    We did good research to find out top 10 Best Uei Multimeters to buy in 2021. For more similar product reviews, check out below or visit here.