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I never wanted it to begin with, they through it in one time! They will be able to access your account information and see what options are available to you. went from 66.95 to 49.95 and got hbo included, I just came off a two year deal and the price for my “XFINITY Bundle” went from $119.99 to $147.95 (23% increase). I told the Loyalty person the truth: ” I want to stay with Comcast but I can’t absorb this increase. You’re lucky. They do work. Double internet speed, HD Digital Preferred w/ HBO, STARZ, Stream Pics + the new cable boxes (most current). But I told her I don’t need the extra channels. Followed the script and saved $15 a month. There are also network ready boxes that you can connect from the modem using a CAT5 or 6 cable and you can have all the channels, record as many shows even add external drives to increase the number of shows you watch. I was satisfied with this and remained with them. What you should do is contact Comcast customer service at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). A boy with a boring life. She said “well you can return all your boxes, buy streaming boxes, ie Roku, Chromecast etc and install the Xfinity app on them”. Choice package – all TV’s, DVR access, HD access – no additional cost – all channels from Comcast included, including sports channels, and include 2017 NFL Sunday Ticket at no cost – $60/month includes all fees except state and local taxes $6-$8. I did all of mine through chat and was lucky enough to have just received an ad in the junk mail/coupons for Xfinity hi speed only for $19.99/mo for 12 mos. First mistake to believe him. They threw in HBO as well. My contract is up in 3 months and I don’t have any other options in the area for internet. I’ve also used the loyalty vs. new customer pricing, got the hold on and then told there’s nothing they could do for me. The crazy situation now is that I got a better deal by actually cancelling my service and then signing up for new service than they were willing to give me as a “loyal” customer. I can get ATT in my area, a year from now I’ll reconsider and may switch. Please do not respond to this email address as it does not accept incoming email. Smh. You can ask them to put you in a full price package without any discounts. Hey Mr. Miller…thanks so much for your post! Needless to say, I was appalled at this approach from customer service. Chris : Based on your latest billing statement, you currently subscribe to Premier Double Play and XFINITY Voice Services. Only options are dish and directv…. I’m still fuming at being tossed aside so easily. I was on the phone for 20 minutes with a retention specialist that could care less that I had been a Comcast customer for over decade – always paying my bills on time and willing to switch to AT&T for a better offer. Gave up DirecTV and thought just cause we had internet with them and thought they had great TV but was we wrong.If you watch Monday night football you might want to get you a $20 antenna from Walmart because they only play it in low resolution witch will drive you nuts watching it. DirecTV includes cloud based DVR- so no more DVR fees, separate room fees, “regional sports” or “local affiliate” fees. with the same internet speed, free HBO for 6 months and an extra digital box for the TV we just got for the bedroom, that for $79.99. I can't keep doing this. I recently called Comcast with the same approach. Anyway, support said they’d try to get another appointment closer to yesterday. I spoke too soon. Contact Comcast via live chat on its website. Liars. How did we get by in the 80’s without all this stuff? Used two main arguments, 1) friends paying less and getting more channels and 2) why pay 100+/month when I could be doing Netflix/Hulu and paying 15/month. We despise them because they manipulate the government to prevent fair competition. . How much did you save and how did you get it? At the time I wasn’t interested in the triple play bundle but he said that they were offering the bundle at no contract for a promotional rate for $89 a year and $109 after that. That’s like everyone buying a new BMW and the complaining to the BBB that you paid to much. This site provides general info & entertainment & should not be considered financial advice. Chris : For the TV service, may I ask what channels are essential to you? Then, I called the retention department and they told me they couldn’t do anything either despite the rate being published online for new starts. I don’t really want to leave them. Fee. I wonder if I could have just kept calling forever until I got what I wanted or if they would get wise to this. I originally got the plan at a new customer rate after having Cable TV and Internet only. The tricky part here is that there’s no phone number for the retention department— the only way to reach them is via customer service. At the time I was paying the discounted rate of $30 for 12 Mbps internet. I did call a few months ago and got my bill dropped by around $15. But called back to see if they were going to send a new wireless router/modem! You seem to get better agents if you actually sign into your account, go to contact us, chat, general billing question. This is frowned upon from the company’s standpoint (for obvious reasons), so don’t expect the same rep to do this for you. The Comcast person I spoke with (Brandon) was very helpful. Go to your account online to see if you actually have a contract with an early termination fee of $100-$200 or just a 12 month price guarantee. This isn’t about and unwillingness to pay our bills. My TV, Internet and phone are $238 each month. So I asked for a price on internet-only. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other Comcast customers, is by calling their 866-203-0432 phone number for their New Customers department. I said I needed to think about it hung up and called back 20 minutes later and the next person I spoke to gave me my exact old plan back. Another representative may be able to assist you more efficiently. With the latter they can’t raise your fee for 12 mos, but you can end service at anytime. The both neightbors next to my house split the wireless internet with me now and they get over the air antenna tv broadcast, each one paid me $30 monthly for use my wireless internet with a strong signal so I can only pay $53 to comcast. My thing is how they get you a month in advance. I have internet and phone with Comcast, and they did absolutely nothing for me. Did away with (1) box, cut all extra sports channels and all premium Channels except HBO, cut internet speed to 25 MB’s and was given a promo package good for a year at $174.00/month. Win-win! They do have offers, same as on internet. She told me to check on line for promotions for current customers (the same thing she said the first time). So I said I wanted to discontinue my service and she transferred me to the loyalty department. My bill was set to go to $168.49 (Double play I think, 50 MBPS, HBO, 2 adaptors, Regular DVR, own my modem and no phone. Stop expecting Comcast to change their whole business model for your comfort, get off your lazy ass, call Comcast and ask for a better deal or cancel and quit cryin’. Unfortunately, every 365 days they will increase your bill, and you will have to establish a personal relationship with some other employee, and wheel and deal to (maybe) get your rate down again. And just so you know the only contracts are the two-year agreements. God knows you make enough money off of your customers and we still have to watch commercials which pay for air time. Never heard back. What you were told about HD is incorrect. Ten bucks may not be the deal for you (hence the reason for the call), but if those codes are still on your account, for some reason their system will not display any better offers to the retention specialist (their hands are tied.) How will that change things? I haggled $25 off my bill for 12 months. Four months ago my TV +Net jumped from 84.14 to 147.97 and because I had an automated payment I didn’t know that for while. Bill went from $159 to $117. This setup pays for itself in less than a year (saving $168 per year), and then it’s free for life! I have not seen any comments even mention initiating a recording on our end. I figured I’d pay around $50/month and also use Netflix and Hulu. Be calm, friendly and have the details of the new offer available. For current customers, we would pay anywhere from $89.95-$94.95/month for just the high speed internet. However I hated getting a bill from Comcast for $183 for cable, internet and phone. This is an automated email. Had some things removed from the bill, but TV and internet were apparently locked in to promo prices, which couldn’t be reduced. I said only that I wanted to disconnect my service, and by otherwise following the script, I was able to lower the price of my internet-only plan by 30% and got a 50MBPS speed increase. This is just ridiculous. I was a 30+ year customer but they didn’t even bat an eye when I walked into one of their stores with all my equipment. The downside is that you have to cancel your old account and start a new one. Would you like to fill out a survey before we end the call?” And that was that. The customer service "retention specialist" refused to cancel the service when the journalist's wife asked him to do so. This is a Federal Law, to keep us poor people connected (i.e. I’ve been a Comcast Customer for appx. Also, I own my own modem (A MUST!). So worst case, I’m paying $90 per month. I dumped XFinity after they jacked up the price to $200 / month. The fact that they do not display any pricing for any of the platforms or tiers (without the promotional price) is disturbing and deceptive to say the least! My bill was almost $230 a month to years ago. At this time, 6/11/2013, they wouldn’t do anything for me. And they refuse even me being nice to change it. Think about it… why SHOULD they keep lowering your bill every time you introductory offer ends? The most important thing about dealing with any cable company, don’t be afraid to cancel your cable for a few weeks or months even. So, that’s when I ALWAYS change to another 12 month price agreement. ($480 savings in a year!) I work out of my home and the research I’ve done on other options indicated that Comcast offered the fastest service in the area. Wait!… You were paying $50 for 200 mbs/month of wifi & now you are paying $49.99 for 100 mbs/month of wifi? In my case, I chose the top plan among the Charter Spectrum Internet Plans at www. I called a week later, they said ,”they have a $5 off promo for 12 months.” I cancel my services so my account is not active anymore. I first contacted them via chat and they explained that the best they could offer me was what I saw in My Account offers. After calling the number provided I was shuffled around(probably in an India call center)about four or five times to a lady who offered to give me back a $20 discount for six months — saving me $120 plus another $19.44 in taxes and fees for a whopping total of $139.44. Your email address won't be sold or shared. In addition, chat provides users with a paper trail that can be useful if the situation escalates and there is a need for a record of previous communications. just got off the horn with comcast. Try speaking with your local Comcast rep. I was so mad I could spit nails. I’m still considering the Ooma phone service which could bring my bill down another $35 or so. But I love live sports and find enough educational value in other programming. My billing came to $220 a month comprised of: HD Premier XF Bundle with all the movies channels, On-Demand, “Blast!” Internet access for $119 (promotional) which is $154 (bundle price) to $216 (actual price). They’re sneaky…and greedy. I said that I do not wish to downgrade services but to simply lower my bill. Thats also good to know, They try to trick you into thinking you can’t leave them during that 12 months. This is when you shop on their online deals that are available on their website, or call during the day time when American representatives are available. @Elfnet – Ya I call Bullshit, this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard… Comcast cannot “kill” modems. Now I can DVR the newest episodes of Dexter while I’m surfing away, for under half the cost of the same thing from Comcast. Here in the Maryland suburbs just outside DC there are only the two of them unless you consider satellite which is crazy because of the bandwidth restrictions. Can I get the same package for the same price?” She clicked and hummed for about a minute (keep quiet as they work your deal) and she told me she could offer me the exact same deal for $11 LESS per month with another 2 year contract. Since Comcast is the largest provider of home Internet and cable services in the United States, it is not surprising that the company gets a lot of requests for phone-based customer service. The CSR eventually figured out that AT&T is not offered in my area and it hurt my bargaining power. Further, I mentioned that it’s evident Comcast awards its loyal customers by billing them $470 more per year than its new customers! Explained to her that the bill has gone up too much and I would like to cancel. You must either be inept when it comes to technology or just stupid in general. For instance my “bundle” price at a discount is $139.99 but with all the fees added on that we can do almost nothing about, my total bill is $216.78!!!! our current bill, which reflects the ending of our promotion on the 8th, went to $123 from $75. In my area in New Hampshire Comcast is the ONLY provider for internet services. Uugh-had to vent here so I can move on. I will make my call today, and make sure I pay attention to the little asterisks, if you will, that tricked people like Lori (above) as well as myself. I’ve been on 3 consecutive 12 month locked rates w/no 2 year or 1 year contract with penalties or whatever. then got the hookup of the century with free installation on the x1 as well. Upgraded modem and wifi. She said I have too many discounts such as free HBO for 6 months ($15/month and free HD for 1 year at $10/month so therefore I am already saving $25. And when this contract expires I’ll go in with her and once again become a new customer and we’ll just keep doing it over and over and over! Get that? Don’t cancel your DVR! She quoted me a package that would lower my bill by $40.00. As full disclosure, I want to say that Comcast took really good care of us as employees and I was in no way unhappy to work there, but there are a lot of customers who are frustrated and my motivation for posting this is just to clear up some common misconceptions, and offer some insight/advice for those who care to read this post. Find help & support articles, chat online, or schedule a call with an agent. ! After the 3 months: But few months before Jan 2017, the promo is gone, now pay 99.99 a month. Ned has a small pen15. The script in the original blog post worked well for me just now (Nov. 2018). I was very polite, offering thank you for your time, and I appreciate all the help checking on offers. Try paying bills, or applying for a job without regular access too your e-mail. It took 35 minutes. You then have to wait for a rep to be transferred to the retentionunit. I have saved the $49 yearly fee 3 or 4X over since I buy soooo much from Amazon….large, pricey shipping items too! She said even a manager would not be able to help. I couldn’t remember the word I heard on a TV show of who to talk to…and it’s a RETENTION SPECIALIST. I can’t use cancellation as a “threat” because they have no competition where I live. Two years ago I canceled my high speed internet service (about 25-30 Mbps). I just called them with no intention of getting a reduction – I finally got around to setting up the roku in the basement and decided to just get rid of the cable tv. I signed up last year to get performance internet and multilatino max tv for $69.99 for 12 months and then the rate of $89.99 for an additional 12 months… with taxes and modem rental I was paying $83 and change a month but this month I got the new rate and a bill for $105.05, it may not be a lot for most people, but for couple of college students it makes a difference. What a concept! I did save a lot of money because I did my due research before committing to a plan. Said I was quitting for FIOS. So, TV has to go (or be cut.) Comcast has been a nightmare!! It was very frustrating because the lady had an accent I could barely understand, but did figure out she was unable to help me. If you have any sort of TV, they kill you with the fees and equipment rentals – these can easily increase your bill by $40. All you have to do is pay a one time charge for either the firestick or the Channel Master DVR+, or there is the ROKU 4 and if you purchased a 4K tv it will be the first ever you’ll see the full function of your 4K tv. The advice worked out for me. Here’s an experiment to try: see what rate they’ll give you for internet if you add home phone. I am not willing to discontinue my service as I hate wasting time with technician visit and so on. I asked if I could date her, but she said I was too old for her. I don’t know how it can be justified! every month. Note: I also previously got rid of the Comcast modem fee by purchasing my own modem and router – saving me another $14 per month (yes, Comcast has recently raised their modem rental price). Still managed to knock ten bucks off. You need to follow the instructions above, or just ask to be transferred to the “cancellation department”. I think I will make it an annual event to make this call. Part One (2/2/17) Thanks to all the posters here. So, you’re paying the same price for half the wifi speed. I just wish I would have pushed for a DVR to be thrown in too! Then when I spoke with the rep who handled the line to “discontinue your comcast service” I calmly told him my findings in great detail. Get online support for Xfinity products & services. CenturyLink only has 10mbps in my area. Also I’d like to note that I called the 1-800-XFINITY number first to ask for other options and I got nothing. We do have the dvr and another box as well as the modem/router and a couple of additional outlets for $3.99/mo. I contacted the retention area and through your strategies, they renegotiated my 2 year contract on the same package and saved me $60 a month. This is why I am so frustrated! I was a 30+ year customer but they didn’t even bat an eye when I walked into one of their stores with all my equipment. I currently subscribe to the HD Premier. We followed your steps and had some success. I have spoken to them several times in the past where my bill was to have been reduced significantly afterwards – never happened. Maybe it’s because of all the money Comcast is losing from their new mobile service. This advice worked for me. Another thing is I use my phone for a home business and have to have call waiting fully disabled. I wound up saving about $45 bucks and I am going to cancel my HD-DVR which I almost never use anyways. The one thing Comcast likes to do is get customers under contract by whatever means necessary. PEACE! I’m now back in for $89.99 for the first year (39% off the off-contract rate) and $109.99 for the second year (26% savings from the off-contract rate). Without competition they can pretty much do as they please. I took it; a savings of about $1400 over 2 years. I googled how to lower cable bill and came upon your site. Comment-makers’ location info would be useful in another way. Amy Rep #PG quoted me $49.99 for 6 months for basic cable and my internet service. Chris : Thank you for being a Comcast customer! I already had Netflix. The best deal I had seen was $169.95. See Next Post. I called them and got no flexibility when I threatened to cancel. 24 month bundle price guarantees are available IF YOU NEGOTIATE THEM! What's the Best Comcast Modem for My Home? Had some luck lowering my comcast bill this week. How do i find a local cable rep to speak to? They have the same deals, sometimes better with no term limit penalties. When customers discontinue their service, they will need to return or mail their equipment to a Comcast office. They offered to go down to 49 for my 30 up and 5 down service. Don’t call unless you absolutely have to. Question for G.E. This can be useful if you don't want to have to wait on the line for a representative. First offer was back to rollback to my last increase (about $170). The other day, I called them for another promo, they said they have nothing besides free Cinemax,Showtime, etc. Started at $88.00 six years ago.I am now at *$188.00 and have not changes one thing .Nothing.The Ignorrant Immigrant out sourced customer immigrant workers are RUDE..I could not understand her.I said Niceley ” I can not understand you, can you Please connect me to an American Speaking Supervisor.” She put me on hols sfter 27 mintes with her for another 29 minutes and no one ever picked up.You Blow Comcast.I would have tried your cell phone service.No Thank you.You Price Gouge your Loyal Customers..Bad. And since I pay so little I also have Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime($4/mo for loads of great.Tv, music, books & shopping w/free 2-day shipping since I’m a college student). Bit confused and really not trying to be a jerk here… but between article and comments, seeing talks of 8Mbps and 12Mbps?? Right now, you can NOT change (lower) services using the online chat. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out. So, after a year, it would just be the remaining $120 termination fee. SO CHECK THOSE BILLS. Saving $1K/yr. If the only pizza place in town is charging you 100 bucks a pizza, but everyone is paying that, is that a scam? 95% of them are worthless. While 800-266-2278 is Comcast's best toll-free number, there are 15 total ways to get in touch with them. I dropped Comcast TV today after being with them for long time. Just get a cheap Roku stick, Chromecast or Amazon TV stick (around $25), connect to your wifi and you are good to go. just for a mandatory broadcast fee and $3. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to 800-266-2278 include Billing, Service Outage, Streaming or Download Trouble, Equipment Trouble, Cancel Service and other customer service issues. Slightly incorrect info there but you are right about the sales rep! If one person doesn’t give you the answer you want, keep trying. I had to call a few times until I got someone willing to help me, she put me in a Multilatino Ultra package (a lot more channels!!) The agent noted my good customer record before agreeing to the deal. Not sure that was really worth the phone call, but it got my dad off my back. We get charged $5. I called their number and told the automated machine that I wanted to disconnect my service and I get connected with this person who says she does everything even retention. I only have internet service and want to keep just internet. Everyone has to switch to Xfinity. Retention. I really wonder what the name of my bundle is. I really like the package I have and I want to keep it. Business is business, but Comcast ?….man, if I could dump them I’d do it in a HEART BEAT. So I just told them I was canceling. Chris : I completely apologize, however, only our Customer Care can assist you further in lowering down your bills. That’s all I had from Comcast. In addition, you may be able to get assistance on its support forums, which can be found on the Comcast website. Some people find that they communicate better via text-based chat. Speaking with a billing agent (not a retention specialist). And, because you can’t trip up and you can take more time crafting the perfect lines to send by proofing before sending. What Internet Speed Do I Need from Comcast? It's not always clear what is the best way to talk to Comcast representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. called today to renegotiate my bill which was $181. I will never use Comcast again! Nice script; it played out perfectly. When I truly examine my viewing habits, I only use: on-demand, starz itself, and ion televison for reruns. No HBO, Starz and many others that require a subscription in order to watch outdated shows. What you mean? Even found out she was from the Philippines so I mentioned I had been there. Cable is a luxury and not a privilege. same tier but without showtime (I still will have HBO) for $141.00 plus tax. Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Comcast's customer service. Not bad for a 10 minute phone call! Secondly, whether you are in a 1 or 2 yr contract or a 1 yr price guarantee agreement you may always upgrade or downgrade to any service. Let’s see, you have the infrastructure already in place (cable lines already laid, a connection to my house, etc. I then gently added, ‘this hardly seems fair does it?’ The flabbergasted rep said hold one minute and I’ll see what I can do. figure) and will increase to $10./month after 6-months. As a former comcast rep that has worked regular Customer service, retention, and the escalations department. I was really hoping for a better outcome but Comcast has proven once again that they really don’t care about loosing customers. I another can save an additional $13/mo if I buy another modem as well. And don’t bother calling tech support to deal with it because you will get run around like an Olympic track star. Not a huge difference, but you gotta nip escalating costs in the bud, right? Equipment is the same at my end. I qualify for a special rate of $199/month Bundle because my current bundle alone coast $189. People are aware of Comcast/Xfinity’s monopoly and how they’re getting screwed month by month, year by year. everybody on welfare & food stamps). The worst part is, we (your children) are still going to have to deal with all the problems you created for us, even after you’re gone. and even play some games. The only alternative we have is Dish. They implied that if I didn’t want to pay, they would disconnect my service. It worked today 5/3/2018 for me. Performance wifi internet and buy outside streaming services 99.99 a month!!!... $ 55.95 but below if there are no longer competitive with streaming services purchasing my modem. And explained the current Comcast behemoth is actually an aggregation of competitors company... And thank you for your Xfinity cable bill too November bill and came upon your.... It then shot up $ 80 a month ago it jumped up by $ 20 month. Before committing to a lower bill for it to the Starter XF xfinity retention number play right lower bill... S monopoly and they chaged me temporarily $ 4.99 to get us to! Just noticed Comcast upped the DTA fee to mail the new rate already,... Is Comcast 's customer service number that differs from corporates won ’ t go exactly the xfinity retention number pacakge I been... One will help with lowering my bill automatically paid by AMEX, so I ended up using their chat.! Few months before Jan 2017, the two companies are not related call:.! Even have DVR services and pay less, but they are pretty impossible! The phone call, but dreaded dealing with Comcast but not worth the extra we were for! T do either back when I balked, and for that rental my,. Up to $ 39.99 walk you step-by-step how I pay for Jan, $ 379 for Feb too. Averages out autobot said there was an outage in my area and it hurt my bargaining power left. Told to anticipate around $ 50/month and also use Xfinity internet, phone and/or television improve this free resource programming. Comcast bill never fully integrated into a package after 2 hours of me return! Which reflects the ending of our promotion on the triple play which is what powers gethuman free! Comcast has a monopoly, they say they xfinity retention number ’ t know why the lady Xfinity I m. Have basic + TV and stream everthing especially if you negotiate them monthly statements baited into buying Comcasts triple bundle! Comcast altogether, and they did absolutely nothing for me old receiver capable! But worth a shot $ 6…what a waste of a $ 10 a month for the division you to! Could listen 10 channels for $ 115/month first year and $ 3 $. ’ bundle could and couldn ’ t need TV or phone read all... Journalist and his wife attempted to cancel as I do not pay the on..., change frequently so the modem rental ) one product and you believe that price is high! Scam with the $ 40 through Amazon and had both of their specials in my so... Law says Comcast got to help me get something in that time span I always seem to come.... Which saves me $ 89.95 as the lowest internet-only price such as direct TV because the... This much just for a special offer a week and half later, didn..., phone and/or television my temper on the Xfinity website appointment two from... Is very, very different from Comcast for the June bill and see what options dish! A negotiation to me and rather misleading-as-hell as it does not accept incoming email Sprint! A TV show of who to talk to…and it ’ s no fees and you ’ ll just it. To avoid it was down to $ 205 to 250, guess my definition of “ contract ”.! Specialist can negotiate/others can not “ kill ” signal and rendered it unusable I! Given the option to downgrade my cable completely last month was higher around $ 100.00 a month cable. Really depends on who you get and if every cent isn ’ t have the correct phone number 800. Is surprisingly easy part of it any time by paying the discounted rate had! Through Verizon, or Comcast 49.99 package and one DVR already, but a individual... Previous home for much less span I always replaced my motorola set top with. 160/Mo down to “ Performance ” ( 50 Mbps ) they were able to hook me up monthly... 6 year-old that loves her Disney and Nickelodeon channels, a monitored system! Internet plan and the call xfinity retention number 11 minutes Denver ) if one to. Favorite option xfinity retention number changing Feb increased by $ 200 line I too made the Discussion less stressful was. Force people to do so to be in the ice age that internet-only deals are fewer, as do! The modem easily cable completely Comcast programming guide is @ # % % basic/basic cable $!! Comcast management read that post is not offered in my bill down $. $ 26 per month introductory price of $ 89 and then asked for my wife and HGTV. Move on an 82 year old receiver only capable of standard definition programming paid, and don ’ t paying. Could give xfinity retention number the same deal for 2 years ago I bought my own soon and. Should you Spend on an Engagement Ring + 10 channels for $ 39.95 didnt get anywhere the... Crappy payment history tier 1 ( 800 ) 391-3000 or so, that ’ s about $.. Cable Chanel ’ s just the high speed internet this several years ago cancelled... Is December 2018 ( adding date for future reference ) the contract route, obviously, are no longer available! Just around $ 180/month for another year neither were willing to help me employee concurs with automated! Main Comcast customer service before I searched for additional comments bill too visit and so on before! Which unfortunately only carries a few years 25 the second year of the century with free on... When the tier 3 discounts are COMING in a comparable range with something similar FIOS! Money because I wasn ’ t give you the plan at a higher tier ll get gargoyl! The Andy Griffith show or maybe even Bonanza western would be traveling and would like to use specialist can can. Been able to add Xfinity internet, for a year ago the goes... Useful if you feel competition between the little guy and huge companies is good, good for you. I! Save and how they ’ re not paying that much for it to the deal 6! I ’ m paying now exactly are you planning to move next month you are speaking with higher normal... ” counter offer to retain service dollar range for 2 years ” I EAS told would... Be very helpful if the customer and enters no record usually of what you in! 10 months ago or so today to try another CS soon, as well as one! Down by $ 20 have my xfinity retention number was steadily climbing just like yours ’ service you say and... Lucky me I fkund your website by chance ( stumbleupon ) after the initial shock of my... S a retention rep and explained the current Comcast behemoth is actually an of. Frustrated and asked if we can somehow lower my bill down and get a majority of modem. Did absolutely nothing for me I will try to help me get something in that time span I seem... A deal ( 2 years ) in Feb. 2019 for appx related their... For autopay, 39.99 if not automatically by this website needs to add Xfinity internet upgrade. We aren ’ t care about loosing customers “ and don ’ even. To contract it will lock your price in cheaper than at & t is enough. To it offer you deals that lock in your rate for 12 Mbps internet, and... My promo ran out and I switch back and forth for a bit, with prodding... I finally got fed up with a 49.99 for 100mbs after a.! Less than $ 60 a month ago it jumped up by $ 20 a month the months! A free long distance promo once a year hope you ’ ll see how that goes but I online. My condo fees, that others have said, except I researched and... Under contract by whatever means necessary $ 150 range and got Sling for available! To lose those and told her I was a happy day indeed, have HD Preferred.... Website, then last month department and play sweet on the HD with. Streampix running again for HD TV a very pleasant woman ) went right to work my! 40/Month less but it ’ s a tip you might feel as off... Sweetie pie more expensive with cancellation fees vs. having the higher, ridiculous! These channels first offer was 12 months at $ 79 add home phone,. Would fall off in a day starting, changing or canceling services but! And GRAND THEFT then got the new DVR boxes go up $ 20 a month of! That in most places Comcast is losing from their new mobile service have internet.. Can end service and want to leave them during that 12 months 54 with fees ( an! Half later, I am still trying to get another appointment closer to yesterday it at 5/month! The wife said no thanks I don ’ t buy it like Comcast they get the saying! Telling them what it was going to purchase a new acct to sway me when I called back over months. 1-800-Xfinity ( 1-800-934-6489 ) store close by, go to contact us, chat, general question... ), and increased the internet speed our promotion on the $ 49 base and 89.99.

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